About Concordia


Dear applicants, 

Be informed that filling out the questionnaire does not guarantee you a work placement. 

Due to a large number of applicants, we are doing our best to respond to all requests, however, it might not always be possible. 

Our phone number is reserved for emergencies only, so please refrain from calling, as this will not help you receive a placement faster. 

Participation in the Concordia seasonal employment program is completely free!

Participants do not pay ANYONE for any service.

If anyone asks you for money to participate in a seasonal employment program in the UK, please let us know. This is contrary to all the rules of this program.

The only travel costs, for selected candidates, are:

  • Seasonal Worker visa
  • airline ticket, you buy from any airline
  • transportation from the airport to a farm in the UK


Interested in Seasonal Farm Work in the UK?

For more details please contact us.


Concordia is an international charity based in Brighton, UK. Their mission is to support people to develop skills and gain experiences so that they can thrive. Since their founding in 1943, Concordia has supported around three-quarters of a million people to undertake incredible volunteer and work placements all over the world.

Concordia supplies five core services: CYA (Concordia Youth Action), International Volunteering, NCS, Wellbeing Programme, and their Seasonal Workers Programme. Although their programmes vary, they are all motivated by three key values: Ethical, Partnership and Community.

Concordia has been trusted by the UK Government to successfully operate the Seasonal Worker Pilot Scheme for the past three years. Both the British Home Office and Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) confirmed that Concordia greatly exceeded required performance standards. Their ethos of excellent customer service, professionalism, reliable labour provision and training, ensures they are the number one choice for the UK agricultural industry.

Working on a UK farm through Concordia is a great opportunity to visit the UK, improve your English, make new friends, whilst earning money in a positive work environment. The majority of work placements run from March to November, with work contracts lasting 3 to 6 months. Work placements range from cultivation, cleaning, processing and packaging, so there’s sure to be something that fits your strengths. Concordia provides support at every stage of application and participation. They provide free insurance for the duration of participation, and only sends workers to farms that pass vigorous ethical audits.


Seasonal workers program

Concordia is the UK Government – approved operator of the Seasonal Workers program.

Seasonal Workers Program – a program of seasonal workers for UK agricultural enterprises

Concordia is a great opportunity to see the UK, improve your English, earn well and make new friends. The main season of work – from March to November. Work contract – 3 to 6 months. The work is related to the cultivation, cleaning, processing and packaging of agricultural products: berries, fruits, vegetables.

Concordia provides the necessary support at each stage of participation, ensures that there are no mandatory fees associated with recruitment, provides free insurance for the duration of participation, and sends workers only to proven farms.

Concordia’s mission is to support people to develop skills and gain experiences so that they can thrive.

Interested in Seasonal Farm Work in the UK?

For more details please contact us.

The history of the UK Seasonal Workers program


Concordia was founded in 1943 as a charity recruiting British youth volunteers to work on UK farms during the country’s second world war.


With the advent of peace, the need for Additional seasonal workers for British farmers did not disappear and it was decided to open Concordia work camps for foreigners. Thus, in 1972, the Seasonal Agricultural Works Scheme (SAWS) was formed.


Every year, Concordia hosts 11,000 people from 26 countries for seasonal farming on more than 500 UK farms. Concordia, being the oldest SAWS operator, started operating in Serbia.


In connection with the decision taken by the UK government in 2008, SAWS is terminated for countries outside the European Union. Subsequently, the SAWS itself was closed, as all EU citizens received the right to freely enter the UK for the purpose of work.


In September 2018, after numerous appeals from British farmers regarding the lack of the required number of workers, the UK government decides to create a Seasonal Workers Pilot from non-EU countries, and in December 2018 it endows Concordia the rights of the operator of this Pilot Program.


Concordia started a new seasonal work program and is looking for 10,000 people from 11 countries for seasonal farming on UK farms.


The seasonal work program has been extended to 30,000 people by the UK Government and Concordia the oldest SAWS operator started operating in Serbia again in 2021.