Frequently Asked Questions


Dear applicants, 

Be informed that filling out the questionnaire does not guarantee you a work placement. 

Due to a large number of applicants, we are doing our best to respond to all requests, however, it might not always be possible. 

Our phone number is reserved for emergencies only, so please refrain from calling, as this will not help you receive a placement faster. 

Participants do not pay ANYONE for any service.

If anyone asks you for money to participate in a seasonal employment program in the UK, please let us know. This is contrary to all the rules of this program.

The only travel costs, for selected candidates, are:

  • Seasonal Worker visa
  • airline ticket, you buy from any airline
  • transportation from the airport to a farm in the UK


Interested for seasonal work in UK?

For more details please contact us.

How can I participate in the program?

To participate in the program, you must complete the questionnaire to assess the experience, motivation and skills of the English language on the site. If your candidacy is selected, a skype interview will be scheduled via email to your address.

Is there a competition to get a job offer?

On average, the number of applicants is 3.5 per person per seat.

What will I have to do with the cost of participating in the program?

Participation in the program is free. You only bear the cost associated with the purchase of a ticket (to London and back), obtaining a work visa (the cost of a visa is about £298). You also need to take with you on the road at least £200.

How much can I earn?

The average net-amount of wages (after taxes and paying for accommodation) in 2019 was £300 per week. So, you can earn about £3600 for 3 months and £7200 for 6 months.

When should I apply for the upcoming season?

Having in mind that every year the average number of applicants is 3.5 people per place, the application should be submitted as early as possible.

Will I be supported while participating in the program?

All members of the program are included in the online membership support group of G Solutions, in which they can ask a question and get an answer. 

How will I be paid?

Your salary will be transferred to a bank account opened by your employer in the UK. The payment is made by the employer weekly with the provision of a checking sheet, which details the amount of income withheld taxes and the cost of living.

What taxes will be withheld from my salary?

The following deductions from the salary are standard: income tax in the amount of 20%; National Insurance at 12% of any income exceeding £169 per week. If the annual income is less than £ 12,500, the taxes can be refunded at the end of the working period.

How much will I work per week?

An average of 39 hours per week, but no more than 60 hours per week. The number of working hours depends on the weather conditions. You will be given a minimum of 11 hours of rest between working days and 1 day off per week.

Where will I live while working in an agricultural farm?

Accommodation is organized in well-maintained cottages or caravans together with other participants of the program. The kitchen, shower and toilet, recreation room are located in the place of residence or separately on the territory of the agricultural farm.

Can the employer fire me?

Most of the work is paid on the weekly basis. At the same time, you are given a trial period during which you must learn to work to get at least the minimum wage. If at the end of the trial period, you do not meet the standards, the employer may fire you. In this case, TELPASC will not be able to provide you with a new job.

If the company has run out of work, can I get another placement?

If your company has run out of work before the expected date, you can get a transfer to another UK agricultural farm that works with TELPASC.

How can I verify that G Solutions group d.o.o. is indeed a partner of TELPASC on Balkan?

Can I keep track of my membership progress?

After applying and processing a set of necessary documents, you will be given access to a personal account, where you will be able to monitor in real-time the progress of your registration for participation in the program.

Will I be welcomed when I arrive in the UK?

There is a welcome option depending on the current situation.

Can I terminate my contract and go home early?

The participant may terminate the contract agreement of the seasonal agricultural worker at any time and go home before the due date. However, this may affect the participant’s ability to subsequently get a job at a UK agricultural company working with TELPASC.

What if I am not satisfied with something at the agricultural farm?

First, try to solve the problem with your employer. In most cases, He will be able to help. If you can’t solve the problem, please contact us.

Will I be covered for the duration of my membership?

All participants are provided with free insurance that covers: emergency medical care, accident, loss of luggage and more. Detailed information will be provided to you during the registration for participation in the program.

How can I get in touch with G Solutions group d.o.o.?

You can contact us via phone, e-mail or contact form on our website

Interested for seasonal work in UK?

For more details please contact us.